2018 Preliminary Attendees

The following people are registered to attend the 2018 ISG Meeting and their presentations are noted.


Download a draft version of the ISG meeting compiled abstracts here

Download a draft version of the ISG meeting agenda here


Allison Alberts – San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, USA
Baptiste Angin – Ardops Environnement, Guadeloupe

“Implementation of a Long-term Monitoring Program of Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana delicatissima) Populations in French West Indies”

Lauren Augustine – Saint Louis Zoo, USA

John Bendon – IUCN-UK Committee, England

“Marine Iguanas of the Galápagos”, poster

Brandon Bourassa – University of New Mexico, USA
Kelly Bradley – Fort Worth Zoo, USA

“2018 Update for the Anegada Iguana, Cyclura pinguis, Conservation Program”

Jeanelle Brisbane – WildDominique, Dominica

“Riding Out the Storm: the Challenges Faced by Iguana delicatissima in a Post-Hurricane Dominica”

Joseph Brown – University of Oklahoma, USA
Judith Bryja – Houston Zoo, USA

Joseph Burgess – US Forest Service, USA

Giuliano Colosimo – San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, USA and University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

“Reproductive Isolation Mechanism Between Conolophus marthae and Conolophus subcristatus

Christina De Jesús Villanueva – University of Rhode Island, USA

“Initial Stages of Assessment; the Effects of the Invasive Green Iguana (Iguana iguana) on Puerto Rico’s Agriculture “, poster

Wilfredo Falcón – Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, Puerto Rico

“Disentangling the Origin of Common Green Iguanas in the Virgin Islands”, poster

Cielo Figuerola – Island Conservation, Puerto Rico

“Restoring Nesting Sites for the Mona Island Iguana through the Removal of the Invasive Australian Pine — Update”, poster in absentia

Robert Fisher – US Geological Survey, USA

“Review of Accomplishments on the Biogeography and Conservation of Pacific Iguanas (Brachylophus sp.)”

Mike Fouraker – Fort Worth Zoo, USA

Susannah French – Utah State University, USA

Kyle Grace – Zoo Atlanta, USA

Tandora Grant – San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, USA
Peter Harlow – Taronga Conservation Society, Australia

“Life History Attributes of the Fijian Crested Iguana and its Food Tree Species”

Ruston Hartdegen – Dallas Zoo, USA

David Hedrick – International Iguana Foundation, USA

“Stories, SciComm Potential, and Conservation Research”

G. Brian Henley – Cameron Park Zoo, USA

Rick Hudson – Fort Worth Zoo, USA

John Iverson – Earlham College, USA
Jill Jollay – Independent, USA

“Update on the Repatriated and Translocated Subpopulation of Cyclura rileyi cristata in the Exumas”, presented for Sandra Buckner

Charles Knapp – John G. Shedd Aquarium, USA

Tanja Laaser – Cayman Islands Department of Environment, Grand Cayman

“Updates on Sister Island Rock Iguana (Cyclura nubila caymanensis) Conservation Efforts and Green Iguana (Iguana iguana) removal in Little Cayman: Data Acquisition and Public Awareness”

Melanie Litton – Audubon Nature Institute, USA
Kim Lovich – San Diego Zoo Global, USA
Catherine Malone – Utah Valley University, USA

“Conservation genetics of Iguana”

Daisy Maryon – University of South Wales, UK

“Project Updates Concerning the Critically Endangered Island Endemic Ctenosaura bakeri

Mallory McKinney – Mississippi State University, USA

“Inbreeding Depression in the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi)”, poster

Yoni Muggen-van Uden – Dutch Iguana Foundation, The Netherlands

“Collecting Educational and Outreach Material”

Ann-Elizabeth Nash – University of Northern Colorado, USA

“Stability of Personality and Social Networks in the Spiny-tailed Iguana, Ctenosaura similis

Karin Nelson – University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Sophie O’Hehir – Cayman Islands Department of Environment, Grand Cayman
Ty Park – Independent, USA
Stesha Pasachnik – Fort Worth Zoo, USA

“A New Era for the Jamaican Rock Iguana, Cyclura collei: Program Improvements for a Brighter Future”

Cayle Pearson – Jacksonville Zoo, USA

Sean Perry – Louisiana State University, USA

“Successful Electroejaculation, Semen Characterization, and Short-term Storage in Grand Cayman Blue Iguana Hybrids (Cyclura lewisi x nubila)”

Elaine Powers – Lyric Power Publishing, LLC, USA
Kimberly Rainwater – Fort Worth Zoo, USA
Sialisi Ranamu Rasalato – Ahura Resorts, Fiji

“An Update on Distribution, Population Size, Recovery Actions, and Habitat Restoration of the Malolo Crested Iguanas”

Bonnie Raphael – Independent, USA
R. Graham Reynolds – University of North Carolina Asheville, USA

“Phylogenomics of West Indian Cyclura”

Thijs van den Burg – University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Taxonomic Assessment of Iguana iguana and Potential Threats of Intraspecific Hybridization in Native Island Populations”

Tarren Wagener – Fort Worth Zoo, USA

Rachael Walton – San Diego Zoo Global, USA
Joe Wasilewski – Natural Selections of South Florida, Inc., USA

“The Rapid Influx of Invasive Reptiles Throughout Florida, the Caribbean and The Bahamas”

Alison Webb – Utah State University, USA

“Impacts of Site and Diet on the Gut Microbiotic Community of Bahamian Rock Iguanas”

Bruce Weissgold – Independent, USA
Mark Welch – Mississippi State University, USA

“Genetic Investigations into the Role of Female Choice and Promiscuity in Inbreeding Avoidance in Cyclura nubila caymanenensis, a Historically Small and Isolated Taxon”, presented for Jeanette Moss

Rachel Welt – American Museum of Natural History, USA

“Cryptic Species and Micro-endemism of the Iguanas of Madagascar (Opluridae)”

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