1999 Boqueron, Puerto Rico

16-17 October: West Indian Iguana Specialist Group Meeting held at Parador, Boqueron, Puerto Rico

18-19 October: Field trip to Mona Island, range of Cyclura stejnegeri



Allison Alberts  –  San Diego Zoo

John Bendon  –  Independent

Ahrash Bissell  –  University of Oregon

Fred Burton  –  National Trust for the Cayman Islands

Bill Christie  –  Indianapolis Zoo

Mark Day  –  Fauna and Flora International

Miguel Garcia  –  Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources and Environment

Glenn Gerber  –  University of Tennessee

Richard Gibson  –  Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Karen Graham  –  Sedgwick County Zoo

Rick Hudson  –  Fort Worth Zoo

Rhema Kerr  –  Hope Zoo and Gardens, Kingston

Chuck Knapp  –  Shedd Aquarium / University of Florida, Gainesville

Jeff Lemm  –  San Diego Zoo

Catherine Malone  –  Texas A & M University

Emilia Martins  –  University of Oregon

Nestor Perez  –  Universidad de Puerto Rico

Bob Powell  –  Avila College

Bonnie Raphael  –  Wildlife Conservation Society

Peter Tolson  –  Toledo Zoo

Raymond Walker  –  British Virgin Islands National Parks Trust

Joe Wasilewski  –  Natural Selections of South Florida

Bruce Weissgold  –  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Tom Wiewandt  –  Wild Horizons, Inc.