2000 San Salvador, The Bahamas

2000 ISG Mtg San Salvador Bahamas

10 November: Newly Expanded Iguana Specialist Group Meeting held at the Bahamian Field Station, San Salvador

11-12 November: Workshop organized by the Conservation Unit, Bahamas Department of Agriculture and the ISG, in collaboration with the IUCN SSC Conservation Breeding Specialist Group – Protected Areas Management Strategy for Bahamian Terrestrial Vertebrates: Iguanas and Seabirds.

13 November: Field trip to Green Cay, range of Cyclura rileyi rileyi


Workshop officially opened by: Hon. Theresa Moxey-Ingraham, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Nassau, The Bahamas


The Minister was accompanied by: F. Carl Smith, Director, Department of Agriculture, Nassau, The Bahamas; Mr. Christopher Stubbs, Family Island Administrator, San Salvador, The Bahamas; and Mr. Luden Gibson, Chief Councilor, Local Government Council. San Salvador, The Bahamas



Allison Alberts  –  San Diego Zoo

Fred Antonio  –  Central Florida Zoo

John Bendon  –  International Iguana Society

Mizpah Bethel  –  Bahamas National Trust

Tim Bethel  –  Bahamas National Trust

Quentin Bloxam  –  Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Sandra Buckner  –  Bahamas National Trust

Fred Burton  –  National Trust for the Cayman Islands

Eric Carey  –  Bahamas Department of Agriculture

Ron Carter  –  Loma Linda University

Angela Cleare  –  Ministry of Tourism, Bahamas

Nyoka Collie  –  College of the Bahamas

Steve Conners  –  Miami MetroZoo

Paul Dean  –  Bahamas

Robert Ehrig  –  Finca Cyclura

Mike Fouraker  –  Fort Worth Zoo

Ethan Freid  –  College of the Bahamas

Miguel Garcia  –  Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources and Environment

Don Gerace  –  Bahamian Field Station, San Salvador

Kathy Gerace  –  Bahamian Field Station, San Salvador

Glenn Gerber  –  San Diego Zoo

Karen Graham  –  Sedgwick County Zoo

Tandora Grant  –  San Diego Zoo

William Hayes  –  Loma Linda University

Robyn Howard  –  Ardastra Gardens Conservation Centre, Bahamas

Lis Hudson  –  St. Catherine’s Wildlife Survival Center, Georgia

Rick Hudson  –  Fort Worth Zoo

Maurice Issacs  –  Bahamas Department of Agriculture

John Iverson  –  Earlham College

Chuck Knapp  –  Shedd Aquarium / University of Florida, Gainesville

Gary Larson  –  Bahamas National Trust

Dave Lee  –  North Carolina State Museum of Natural Science

Catherine Malone  –  Texas A&M University

Basil and Jane Minns  –  George Town, Exuma, Bahamas

Debbie Olson  –  Indianapolis Zoo

Ivan Rehak  –  Zoologicka Zahrada Praha (Prague Zoo)

Katarína Reháková  –  Zoologicka Zahrada Praha (Prague Zoo)

Anne Savage  –  Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Ulysses S. Seal (Facilitator)  –  IUCN SSC Conservation Breeding Specialist Group

Peter Tolson  –  Toledo Zoo

Peter Vogel  –  University of West Indies, Mona

Joe Wasilewski  –  Natural Selections of South Florida

Anthony White  –  Nassau, Bahamas

Byron Wilson  –  University of West Indies, Mona

Burkie Wright, Jr.  –  Police Department, Nassau, Bahamas