2005 South Andros, The Bahamas

2005 ISG Mtg Andros Bahamas

6-7 November: Iguana Specialist Group Meeting, held at Tiamo Resort, South Andros

7 November: Public Town Forum at the Emerald Palms Hotel

8 November: Conservation Action Plan Workshop for Cyclura cychlura cychlura


Download: Newsletter Vol.8 Num.2 (Meeting Abstracts) – Portrait and Booklet formats



Colette Adams  –  Gladys Porter Zoo

Samatha Addinall  –  Blue Iguana Recovery Program

Allison Alberts  –  San Diego Zoo

Quentin Bloxam  –  Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Sandra Buckner  –  Bahamas National Trust

Joe Burgess  –  Independent

Fred Burton  –  Blue Iguana Recovery Program

Janet Conners  –  Miami MetroZoo

Steve Conners  –  Miami MetroZoo

Michael Fouraker  –  Fort Worth Zoo

Miguel Garcia  –  Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources and Environment

Karen Graham  –  Sedgwick County Zoo

Tandora Grant  –  San Diego Zoo

Kirsten Hines  –  Earlham College

Rick Hudson  –  Fort Worth Zoo

John Iverson  –  Earlham College

Ricardo Johnson  –  North Andros

Chuck Knapp  –  Shedd Aquarium / University of Florida

Jeff Lemm  –  San Diego Zoo

Jackie Ogden   –  Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Debbie Olson  –  Indianapolis Zoo

Stesha Pasachnik  –  University of Tennessee

Jan Ramer  –  Indianapolis Zoo

Catherine Stephen  –  Utah Valley State College

Peter Tolson  –  Toledo Zoo

Tarren Wagener  –  Fort Worth Zoo

Joe Wasilewski  –  Natural Selections of South Florida

Bruce Weissgold  –  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Tom Weiwandt  –  Wild Horizons, Inc.

Byron Wilson  –  University of West Indies, Mona