Critical Situation in the Dominican Republic

The Iguana Specialist Group has just learned that one of the four main population locations known for Cyclura ricordii (South of Lago Enriquillo) is in the process of being bulldozed. This is a complicated situation as this destruction is occurring by the Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD) who are attempting to provide agricultural land for those who have been displaced due to the lake flooding. This land is part of an established biological reserve (Reserva Biológica Loma Charco Azul).  This area is also the only known locality for a soon-to-be-described large Anolis species and other endangered dry tropical forest species.  We are working with Grupo Jaragua to try to stop this destruction but it may be too late.


See the following press releases for more information:


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Denuncian destrucción de zona protegida


Ambientalistas denuncian tala de loma Charco Azul


La destrucción de la Reserva Biológica Loma Charco Azul


The ISG requested a Letter of Advocacy from the IUCN Director General and SSC Chair:

“In Protest of Development in the La Reserva Biológica Loma Charco Azul, Dominican Republic” – 21 August 2013. PDF Download

Male Ricord's Iguana. Photo by John Binns.

Male Ricord’s Iguana, Cyclura ricordii. Photo by John Binns.