Google Photospheres

Google photospheres

The ISG created photospheres using Google technology to immerse viewers into iguana habitat. A photosphere is a 360-degree image that users can rotate themselves. The effect is a sort of virtual reality, letting users get a complete view as if they were standing at a point within iguana habitat and looking all around them.


Photospheres of the habitat of several species are now available – see our Google Maps page.

On the Google page, click on each thumbnail photo in the left sidebar to jump to the 360-degree photo.

Anegada, British Virgin Islands, Cyclura pinguis (Kelly Bradley)

Dominican Republic, Cyclura cornuta and Cyclura ricordii (Stesha Pasachnik)

Jamaica, Cyclura collei (Tandora Grant)

Mona Island, Puerto Rico, Cyclura stejnegeri (Cielo Figuerola)

The Bahamas, Cyclura cychlura (Charles Knapp)

Turks and Caicos Islands, Cyclura carinata (Glenn Gerber)