Virtual Attendees 2021

The following people are registered to attend the 2021 Virtual ISG Meeting and their presentations are noted.


Allison Alberts – International Iguana Foundation, California, USA (LinkedIn; ResearchGate; EcoLeaders)

Baptiste Angin – Ardops Environnement, Guadeloupe, French West Indies

Daniel Ariano – Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala
Lauren Augustine – Saint Louis Zoo, Missouri, USA
Chuck Becker – Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, Utah, USA
John Bendon – IUCN-UK, Somerset, UK
Michel Breuil – Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France

Jeanelle Brisbane – WildDominique, Dominica, West Indies (homepage)

“The Unspoken Reality of Conservation in the Tropics”

Judith Bryja — Sea Dog Animal Training, Texas, USA
Sandra Buckner – Independent, Nassau, NP, The Bahamas

Paul Calle – Wildlife Conservation Society, New York, USA (homepage)

Paula Castaño – Island Conservation, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Angélique Chaulet – SOS Faune Sauvage, Antilles, Guyane

Giuliano Colosimo – San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, USA, and University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy (homepage)

Christina De Jesús Villanueva – University of Rhode Island, USA & USFS International Institute of Tropical Forestry, Puerto Rico, USA (homepage)

“Impact of the Invasive Common Green Iguana on 20 Farms in Puerto Rico”

Kevin de Queiroz – National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, USA (homepage)

Paola Dvihally Juan-Martinez – Guadeloupe Zoo, French West Indies
Zach Dykema – Mississippi State University, Starkville, USA
Susannah French – Utah State University, Utah, USA (homepage)

“Anthropause: Physiological Responses to the COVID-induced Cessation of Tourism”, presented with Charles Knapp

Gerardo Garcia – Chester Zoo, Cheshire, UK
Miguel Garcia-Bermudez – USFWS Science Application Program, Puerto Rico, USA
Glenn Gerber – San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, California, USA (homepage)
Johana Gil-Escobedo – Heloderma Natural Reserve-Zootropic, Guatemala

“COVID-19 Impacts on Iguana Conservation at Heloderma Natural Reserve, Guatemala”

Matt Goetz – Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Jersey, British Channel Islands (homepage; ResearchGate)

Ashley Goode – USDA-ARS, Florida, USA (ResearchGate)

Tandora Grant – San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, California, USA (homepage; ResearchGate)

“Introduction to the Green Status of Species Assessment Tool”

Kim Gray – San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, California, USA
Julie Gresser – Direction de l’Environnement, DEAL Martinique, French West Indies
John Griffoen – Fort Worth Zoo, Texas, USA
Luke Harding – Blue Iguana Conservation, National Trust for the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman
Peter Harlow – Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Evert Henningheim – Dutch Iguana Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (homepage)

Rick Hudson – Fort Worth Zoo and International Iguana Foundation, Texas, USA (IIF homepage, Instagram, Twitter)

John Iverson – Earlham College, Indiana, USA (homepage)

Jill Jollay – International Iguana Foundation, Arizona, USA

Kwanho Ki – Utah State University, Logan, USA

Charles Knapp – John G. Shedd Aquarium, Illinois, USA (homepage; GoogleScholar; ResearchGate)

Tanja Laaser – Department of Environment, Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

Naomi Lambrikx – Reptile, Amphibian & Fish Conservation Netherlands (RAVON), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hannah Madden – Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute, St. Eustatius, West Indies (ResearchGate)

Erin Lewis – Utah State University, Logan, USA

“Tourism-induced Effects on the Gut Microbiome of Bahamian Rock Iguanas”

Catherine Malone – Independent, The Netherlands

Daisy Maryon – Kanahau Wildlife Conservation Organisation, Útila, Honduras & International Iguana Foundation (homepage; ResearchGate)

“Útila Spiny-tailed Iguana Species Action Plan and Conservation Updates”

Joey Markx – Wildlife Management Education, The Netherlands

Kyle Miller – Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park, Washington, D.C., USA (ResearchGate)

Blaklie Mitchell – Mississippi State University, Starkville, USA

Yoni Muggen-van Uden – Dutch Iguana Foundation, The Netherlands (homepage)

Ann-Elizabeth Nash – University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, and Colorado Reptile Humane Society, Longmont, USA (homepage; Twitter)

“Retreat Sharing in Iguana iguana and Ctenosaura similis in Florida”

Karin Nelson – University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois, USA
Sophie O’Hehir – Cayman Islands Department of Environment

Nicolas Paranthoën – Office National des Forêts, Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe, French West Indies (homepage)

Stesha Pasachnik – Fort Worth Zoo, Texas, USA

“Conservation of the Jamaican Iguana”

Cayle Pearson – Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Florida, USA
Nestor Perez Buitrago – Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Orinoquia, Colombia

“Update on Aspects of the Population Status of the Mona Rhinoceros Iguana, Cyclura stejnegeri

Elaine Powers – Lyric Power Publishing, LLC, USA (homepage; Lyric Power; ResearchGate)
Kimberly Rainwater – Fort Worth Zoo, Texas, USA

Bonnie L Raphael – Independent, New York

Ivan Rehak – Prague Zoo, Czech Republic
Katarina Rehakova – Czech Pharmaceutical Society, Prague, Czech Republic
R. Graham Reynolds – University of North Carolina, Asheville, USA (homepage)
Nicolette Roach – Global Center for Species Survival, Indiana, USA
Ana Daniela Sansur Pavón – Kanahau Wildlife Conservation Organisation, Útila, Honduras
Geoffrey Smith – Denison University, Ohio, USA (homepage; ResearchGate)
Richard Tracy – University of Nevada, Reno, USA (homepage)

Matthijs van den Burg – Natural History Museum of Madrid, Spain (ResearchGate)

Jeroen van Kuijk – HAS University of Applied Science, Den Bosch, The Netherlands

Tim van Wagensveld – Mac & Field, Caribbean Netherlands (homepage)

Kathleen Webster – University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Jimmy Wehsener – Mississippi State University, Starkville, USA

Isabel Vique – Fauna & Flora International, Cambridge, UK (homepage)

Bruce Weissgold – US Department of State, Washington D.C., USA

Mark Welch – Mississippi State University, Starkville, USA (homepage)

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